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Rational Double Deck 6 Pan Full-Size Electric Combi Oven iCombi Pro Oven -480 V -3 Phase

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Rational 6 Pan Full-Size Electric Combi Oven iCombi Pro Oven -480 V -3 Phase
Whether you want to cook, steam, roast or even bake, making a wide variety of food within a single unit has never been easier than with a Rational iCombi Pro! This oven's patented iCookingSuite offers six convenient cooking modes and true cooking intelligence, so that no matter what you're making, the iCombi Pro will detect product-specific requirements and load size to make intelligent adjustments and give you consistent perfect results every time. Program your recipes and let your iCombi Pro make that perfect signature dish time and time again. Or, for the more experienced chef, take complete manual control over the cooking process with steam, convection and combination cooking modes!

The iCombi Pro’s iDensityControl system is all about climate management: the ways the sensors inside the cooking cabinet interact, the active dehumidification features, the air flow-optimizing cooking cabinet geometry. In short, everything that creates the perfect climate to give you exceptional productivity and exceptional results.

Cooking cabinet thermocouples

The thermocouples detect current cooking cabinet conditions once every second, making sure that the necessary quantities of energy (the right combination of heat and moisture) are delivered optimally to the food. This creates a cooking cabinet climate tailor-made to your products, ensuring uniform quality and great taste - not to mention shorter cooking times.

Dehumidification power
We’ve increased the diameter of our dehumidification ducts by up to 130% (depending on the model), making dehumidification even more efficient. Powerful vacuum technology draws moisture out of the cooking cabinet faster and more effectively, giving you crisp crusts, crunchy breading, and perfect grill marks - with absolute precision to keep the food from drying out.

Fresh Steam
100% hygienic fresh steam, precise steam temperatures and maximum steam saturation for the best possible food quality - from 86° to 266°F, on full loads or small quantities, in any size appliance, whether it’s salmon, dim sum, or flan. Even delicate dishes won’t dry out. Even more practical: the steam generator is automatically descaled during the cleaning process.

The cooking system adjusts fan speeds and direction of rotation intelligently to fit product types, conditions, and quantities. It yields an individual pattern of motion that intelligently modulates air, transporting energy wherever it’s needed. The fans can even rotate in opposing directions if needed - at speeds of up to 75 mph. The iCombi Pro now has additional fans, providing optimum heat distribution and uniform results, guaranteeing exceptional quality from corner to corner.

iCooking Suite

Thanks to iCookingSuite, food production has never been easier: you’ll get the cooking results you want while working more productively than ever, because food is prepared as gently as possible. Just choose a food on the display, adjust parameters like browning (light to dark) and doneness (rare to well-done), and the iCombi Pro will get to work immediately. Meat, fish, poultry, baked goods, or sides. American, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Brazilian, Mexican, Italian, or Greek. The iCombi Pro can do an unbelievable variety of dishes from around the world, at the touch of a button. And if you want to get your results even more quickly and easily, look no further than the iCookingSuite Navigator: You specify what you want to cook (hamburgers? roast chicken? oatmeal cookies?) and the correct cooking pathway starts right up. All you have to do is load the iCombi Pro. It’s that easy!

iProduction Manager

Many orders, one appliance. With iProductionManager, you can prepare different dishes together in a single cooking cabinet. Searing? Steaming? Grilling? Frying? No problem. The iProductionManager monitors each rack and shows you which foods can go in together. Just drag the ticket to the rack of your choice, and iProductionManager will make sure that everything comes out perfectly. It adjusts for load sizes and even intelligently adapts cooking times when you open the door. You’ll always know what’s going on, and you can rest assured that everything will come out exactly right. If you like, you can add multiple timed tickets to iProductionManager and then manually monitor the racks.

ICare System for cleaning

Ultra-fast interim cleaning

Sometimes the iCombi Pro needs a little freshening up between cooking processes, and now you can do it in no time. Insert the tab into the iCombi Pro and your system will be clean and ready to use in 12 minutes or less - just enough time to prepare your next load of food. Ideal for kitchens using the cooking system all day long. The ultra-fast interim cleaning program reduces unproductive time and brings even more efficiency to everyday kitchen life.

Cleaning programs

You have a total of nine cleaning programs at your disposal: light, medium, or heavy cleaning, each in normal or eco mode (which takes longer but uses less cleaner and water), plus options for ultra-fast interim cleaning, rinsing, and rinsing without tabs. And the iCombi Pro is so intelligent, it suggests programs depending on how much cleaning it needs.

LED lighting with level indication

Intelligent 6-point core temperature probe.

572°F maximum cooking cabinet temperature

Integrated hand shower with spray and jet modes