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CHEFTOP combi oven MIND.Maps PLUS Gas 10 FULL SIZE 18"x26" Combi steamer with 10 trays

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Intelligent combi ovens Design to meet the most demanding expectations:

CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ PLUS is the intelligent combi oven that grills, fries, roasts, browns, smokes, cooks with steam and much more. Automatic cooking cycles and smart functions, including Artificial Intelligence, make CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ PLUS the ideal partner for your kitchen, providing concrete support to your Work. CHEFTOPMIND.Maps™ PLUS is designed to meet every need of your business and enable you to improve your kitchen processes.

MIND.Maps™ PLUS combi ovens are available in three versions, to meet the specific needs of each business:

COUNTERTOP 5, 10 GN 1/1 - 12" x 20" and 6, 10 18" x 26" for restaurants and deli shops.

COMPACT 5 GN 1/1 - 12" x 20" for professional kitchens with small spaces and small shops.

BIG 20 GN 2/1 or 16 18" x 26" trolley units for contract feeders, hotels and banqueting facilities.

The MIND.MapsTM PLUS interface.
With one-touch technology. Loaded to its brim with a list of smart features, digital display ensure flawless & precise cooking for commercial purpose with our combi oven.

Unox Intelligent Performance
A set of intelligent technologies designed to maximize your output, improve your performance and give shape to your ambitions.

Unox Intensive Cooking

The most advanced technologies to guarantee perfect cooking, uniformity on every tray and maximum cooking intensity.

Data Driven Cooking

Artificial intelligence which allows you to monitor your oven usage and provides you with suggestions to use the ovens in a better way.

A new hire for your kitchen.

Your oven is unique
A new hire for your kitchen.

CHEFTOP MIND.MapsTM PLUS feature the latest intelligent technologies to fit into any kitchen and to provide you practical support for your work . They are designed to guarantee maximum performance in all working conditions and to be easy to use.

No limits to your creativity

The professional oven that cancels any distance between your dreams and their realization. CHEFTOP MIND.Maps ™ PLUS is the synthesis of years of research and experience of UNOX alongside the most demanding chefs committed to the challenge of give shape to their ideas. You will enjoy cooking every dish with the certainty of the maximum result ervey time.

Stainless. Like you.
Designed to shape your cooking The Unox chamber is designed in every detail to optimize the speed and distribution of the air flows inside it, thus guaranteeing rapid and uniform cooking.

The wind shapers

Reversing Fans High flow fans distribute the air on each pan in a powerful and uniform way. Their anti-bypass front ring further increases the flow and thus allows even faster and more effective cooking.


Humidity gives way to flavour.


The power of steam is in your hands.


Conducts, unites, transforms.


Perfect results. Every time.

Total humidity control.

SMART. Preheating
Intelligent preheating.

AUTO. Soft
Gentle cooking function.

SENSE. Klean
Intelligent cleaning.


Maximize your work, improve your performance, realize your ambitions.

Create, understand, improve.

DATA DRIVEN COOKING allows you to control your oven at any time, anywhere. You can monitor its operating conditions in real-time, create recipes and send them to your ovens. The AI transforms the consumption data into useful information in order to increase your daily profit.

Create and Share :
Your Recipes in all your ovens

Create your recipe book and synchronize it with all your ovens with just one click. You may create it directly from one of your ovens or from your PC and the automatic synchronization will keep all your kitchens or stores up to date

Monitor and improve your performances DDC.
Stats gives you full control over energy, water and detergent consumption and also over cooking times and oven usage. Compare the performance of the ovens in your network, detect anomalies and get useful information to improve your business performances.


Data-driven cooking enables you to create and share new recipes while controlling and continuously monitoring the operation of your ovens. To boost your everyday profit, the AI converts consumption data into insightful knowledge. Create, comprehend, and improve

Intelligent Performance by Unox

  • ADAPTIVE Cooking: automatically controls the cooking conditions for consistent outcomes.
  • SMART CLIMALUX™ provides complete control over the humidity in the cooking chamber.
  • SMART. Preheating: temperature and duration are automatically determined.
  • AUTO.Soft: controls the rise in temperature to make it more delicate
  • SENSE.Klean calculates the oven's level of dirt and recommends a suitable automatic washing cycle.

Intensive Cooking with Unox

  • DRY.Maxi: STEAM quickly removes the humidity from the cooking chamber.
  • AIR.Maxi: manages fans' auto-reverse and pulse function
  • STEAM.Maxicreates saturated steam; and air.
  • PRESSURE.Steam: raises the temperature and steam saturation


  • 1000+ Programs
  • The oven will automatically set all the parameters when you select a recipe from the library using CHEFUNOX.
  • Other features include MULTI.TIME, which can manage up to 10 cooking processes at once
  • MISE.EN.PLACE, which synchronizes the insertion of pans so that all the dishes are ready at once
  • MIND.MapsTM, which lets you draw the cooking processes directly on the display
  • READY.COOK, which offers ready-to-use settings with infinite time

STANDARD TECHNICAL FEATURES include the following:

  • ROTOR.Klean: automatic washing system
  • Automatic special washing behind the fan guard
  • Cooking chamber lighting from LED lights embedded in the door
  • Tray supports with anti-tip system
  • Drip collection system integrated in the door that functions even when the door is open
  • High-performance heating elements
  • Integrated DET&Rinse.

For Manual Cooking:

  • 86°F to 500°F temperature range
  • up to 9 cooking phases
  • 10% humidity or dry air control
  • Delta T cooking with the core probe
  • SOUS-VIDE cooking
  • 4-speed fan system.


  • Drain: To operate, a unique two-way valve must be installed. Its purpose is to collect any fat and cooking liquids produced during the cooking process and drain them into a tank.
  • LIEVOX: Proofer with sensors that can regulate and take automatic action throughout the leavening process
  • Neutral cabinets: are a suggested option to organize your kitchen's layout and ensure that everything is always in its proper place.
  • Stand: the multipurpose support great for safely storing trays and setting your oven at the optimal working height.

Installation specifications

Installations must adhere to all local electrical regulations, especially those governing the minimum wire gauge needed for field connections, hydraulic supply, and ventilation supply. For gas ovens, an analysis of the exhaust and fumes must be done.




Power supply


Type of control


Number of trays


Tray size

FULL SIZE 18"x26

Distance between trays

80 mm


60 Hz


120V 1N~


384 lb

Electric power

1 kW

Nominal gas power max.



33 in


38 in


45 in