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Earthenware : Terracotta/ Mitti/ Clay Pot /Handi For Serving Food/Biryani/Cooking/Curd Making (Available in different sizes)

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Earthenware: Terracotta / Clay Handi for Serving or Cooking pot and also for Yogurt / Curd.

A few known facts/ benefits of using/cooking clay pots:
The foremost benefits of clay pot cooking come from its ability to circulate steam throughout cooking. This provides plenty of moisture and means that you can cook with less oil and fat.
The slow cooking process retains all the nutrients of the food that we cook and hence the food is much tastier.
Popularly used for Serving as well as cooking (we advise light cooking)
Capacity: 0.6 l / 600 ml (20oz)
Dimension: around 4.5" diameter and 3.5" high
Comes with a clay lid
Have a knob to lift/ handle
** This is the smallest size in available sizes. We also have 32 Oz, 64 Oz, and 84 Oz Sizes. We think 64 or 84-oz sizes are perfect for cooking
Made and imported from India

  • Dimensions -
    • around 6 inch Round x 4 inch Height
    • Capacity - 1L /32 Oz
    • Also called "Biryani Handi", "Terracotta Pot", Yogurt Pot