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Copper And Stainless Steel Dessert Cup - Short

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Celebrate Festival Inc presents Copper Stainless Steel short dessert cups.
Impress your guests even at the end of the grand dinner in style. Serve the mouthwatering desserts in the elegant Copper/Stainless Steel Dessert Cup.

Featuring a curved copper base, its beautifully built neck, and the mirror stainless steel finish are the USP of this dessert cup. The high-quality stainless steel material is supported by a copper base.

Serve ice-creams with brownie or rasgulla, kheer, puddings or gulab jamun in this beautifully designed dessert cup.

            Copper/Stainless Steel Dessert Cup - Short
Particulars ~Height ~Diameter ~Capacity ~Weight
Copper_Steel_DSRT_CUP_SHORT 1.5" 3.8" 5 oz 168 grams